Web Privacy Notice

  1. Scope
  2. What Information is Collected
  3. How Collected Information is Used
  4. How to Opt Out and Request Removal
  5. Links
  6. Copying Information from Unthsc.edu
  7. Ecommerce
  8. Changes to This Privacy Notice
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This system is the property of The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth. Your use of this resource constitutes an explicit binding agreement to abide by relevant federal and state laws and 性奴调教 policies. Unauthorized use of this system is prohibited. Misuse is subject to administrative penalties and criminal prosecution.

By using or accessing a university information resource, you consent to allow the institution to collect identifiable information that includes unique electronic identification numbers, routing codes, network address, internet protocol address and other information that is collected from your browser, device or information that is provided by you during your use of the 听resource.

1. Scope

This Website Privacy Disclosure is intended to cover the privacy expectations of visitors to the unthsc.edu website and the usage of all content published on unthsc.edu.听

2. What Information is Collected

For information about what we may and may not collect or 听disclose, please reference the . Should you have questions or concerns about our privacy disclosure, please contact the 性奴调教 Webmaster (webmaster@unthsc.edu).

听听听听听听听听听听听听 Google Analytics

UNT性奴调教.edu uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics collects information such as URLs, internet domain and host names, browser software, and the date and time that the user visits the site. This information is used to monitor the effectiveness of the website, consider potential improvements to the website and for marketing. The information is nonpersonal and is transmitted to and stored by Google on its servers. The university does not share any specific information about a particular user. 听

Please visit the following pages for more information on Google Analytics鈥 and Google’s . To opt out of Google鈥檚 data collection, read more about the .

听听听听听听听听听听听听 Microsoft Clarity

We partner with Microsoft Clarity and Microsoft Advertising to capture how you use and interact with our website through behavioral metrics, heatmaps and session replay to improve and market our products and services. Website usage data is captured using first- and third-party cookies, and other tracking technologies to determine the usage and popularity of our pages and content. Additionally, we use this information for site optimization and advertising. For more information about how Microsoft collects and uses your data, visit the .

听听听听听听听听听听听听 Cookies and Similar Technologies

The 性奴调教 website (unthsc.edu) uses browser detection to determine the browser type, browser version and operating system of site visitors. This information is used only in its aggregate form to help us further refine our website design. The remote IP address is collected from each site visitor and is used only to provide statistical data 鈥 specifically, the percentage of 鈥渉its鈥 from the unthsc.edu domain versus the number from other sources. The pages accessed by each visitor are recorded and preserved in an aggregate form to provide us with information about the relative usage of the pages on our website. The webpage that referred the site visitor to this unthsc.edu website is also recorded and used to improve overall site navigation.

听听听听听听听听听听听听 Pixels

A pixel is a tiny image that may be embedded within webpages and emails, requiring a call (which provides device and visit information) to our servers or our partners鈥 servers in order for the pixel to be rendered in those webpages and emails. We use pixels to learn more about your interactions with email content or web content, such as whether you interacted with ads or posts. Pixels can also enable us and third parties to place cookies on your browser.

听听听听听听听听听听听听 Emails and Forms

Email messages sent to the 性奴调教 webmaster will be answered by the web services team within 性奴调教 Marketing & Communications or forwarded to another individual at 性奴调教 to be answered. Email messages sent to the 性奴调教 webmaster and copies of replies may be kept and reviewed to help ensure the relevance of information presented on this website and the usefulness of our response system. Email messages sent to the email contacts for site owners will be answered by that account holder or their designee. All programmatic email messages, including visitors鈥 names, email addresses or other information provided by the user, are transmitted using Secure Socket Layer encryption. Forms collecting such data for population of a database for specific purposes, such as application for admission, also use SSL encryption. The data collected in such forms are used exclusively for the purpose stated on the individual website and retained according to state-approved records retention schedules.

3. How Collected Information is Used

We use cookies and similar technologies to improve user experience on unthsc.edu. This data helps us show you relevant advertising, both on and off the site, and measure the performance of such ads and report on it. We use this data to learn whether content has been shown to you or whether someone who was presented with an ad later came back and took an action (such as downloading a file, signing up for a newsletter, or making a purchase or donation) on another site. Similarly, our partners or service providers may use cookies or similar identifying methods to determine whether we鈥檝e shown an ad or a post and how it performed or provided us with information about how you interact with ads.

Any forms on our site are used for communications, recruitment and fundraising efforts, and always provide the ability to opt out of receiving further emails. All data submitted through forms on unthsc.edu is encrypted and protected by an SSL connection. Any questions about opting out or how your contact information is stored can be directed to webmaster@unthsc.edu. We never sell or lease contact lists or email addresses.

4. How to Opt Out and Request for Your Information to be Deleted

Marketing emails will contain a link to immediately unsubscribe from further communications. However, users may also complete this online form or email an unsubscribe or opt-out request to webmaster@unthsc.edu.听

性奴调教 has multiple departments on campus maintaining their own marketing and communications audience lists. Therefore, completing this opt-out form will send your request to all 性奴调教 staff conducting email marketing.

5. Links

This website contains links to other sites. These links do not constitute an endorsement of the content, viewpoint, accuracy, opinions, policies, products, services or accessibility of the site. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of such other sites. We encourage our users to be aware when they leave our site and to read the privacy statements of any other site that collects personally identifiable information. 性奴调教 reserves the right to remove these links without notice.


A state agency may not charge a fee to access, use or reproduce information on its website or to link to information on its website, unless specifically authorized to do so by the Texas Legislature.

Linking to UNT性奴调教.edu

Advance permission to link to a state agency website is not required.

Links should be established through the appropriate base Uniform Resource Locator, or URL, and not through an abbreviated form.

The origin or ownership of the content of unthsc.edu must not be misrepresented by an entity or individual that links to the site.

  1. A unthsc.edu page may not be captured within the frame of another site without prior permission from the agency.
  2. Unthsc.edu鈥檚 website content may not be presented as the content of an entity or individual.
  3. Certain information displayed on unthsc.edu鈥檚 website may be trademarked, service-marked or otherwise protected as intellectual property; must be used in accordance with state and federal laws; and must reflect the proper ownership of the intellectual property.

Links should be full forward links that pass the client browser directly to the targeted website.

Links that create a downloading burden on unthsc.edu鈥檚 server(s), such as certain graphics or tables, constitute a misuse of state resources. To prevent that, entities or individuals should contact the appropriate state agency to request permission to post a copy of the state agency鈥檚 graphics or tables within their website.

Entities or individuals that link to unthsc.edu鈥檚 website should use reasonable efforts to ensure that people with disabilities may access their websites.

Because unthsc.edu may change its subordinate pages at any time without notice, entities and individuals should routinely verify links to unthsc.edu subordinate pages.


6. Copying Information From UNT性奴调教.edu

Information posted on a state website that is accessible to members of the public may be copied provided that it:

  1. is in accordance with any limitations specified by the state agency policy,听
  2. is not presented in a misleading way and
  3. is not construed to be endorsed by the State of Texas.

Entities or individuals that copy and present state agency information must identify the source of the content, including the:

  1. URL for the content or nearest entry point leading to the content if a URL is not available and
  2. date the content was copied.

Entities or individuals that copy and present state agency information on their websites must accompany that information with a statement that neither the entity or individual nor the information as it is presented on its website is endorsed by the State of Texas or any state agency.

To protect the intellectual property of state agencies, copied information must reflect the copyright, trademark, service mark or other intellectual property rights of the state agency whose protected information is being used by the entity or individual.

7. E-Commerce

Several sites within the university website enable users to pay for products or services online with a credit card. Unless otherwise noted, these transactions are encrypted. It is university policy to only use confidential information that a user enters during a transaction for the purposes described in that transaction unless an additional use is specifically stated on that site.

8. 性奴调教 Privacy Policy

Additional information about the institutions .

9. Changes to This Privacy Notice

性奴调教 keeps this statement under periodic review and places any updates on this webpage. This statement may be modified at 性奴调教鈥檚 discretion at any time without other forms of notice. This statement adheres to the .

10. Contact Us

Email webmaster@unthsc.edu with general questions about this statement or 性奴调教 information privacy practices.